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Acne Treatment Before & After


Acne can have a debilitating impact on sufferers, and it can be easy to feel like it will never end. We are able to work with patients to find solutions that work for them, whatever the challenges they are facing. Four months ago, we started a journey that was going to change this patient’s life. She stuck with the programme and complied with the protocol every step of the way. To give you an idea of how effective our professional acne treatment programmes can be, we thought we’d bring you a before and after case study.

Acne Cure: Before & After

Acne affects many of us but how many of us are willing to do something effective for long term results? Using suitable protocols and adapting each stage we now maintain the skin health and can finally treat for anti-ageing! The above image shows before and during the process (the first 6-18 weeks is always the hardest) then the ‘after’, showing the peeling/ cracked skin which is from Retinol reaction (we call this a good reaction believe it or not!). Then, as you can see, the clear healthier looking skin at the end. We expect colour and tone to improve further over the course of this patient’s journey for even better results.

If you’re currently suffering from adult acne and are looking for real results with professional support, we’re here and ready to help.  

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