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Rejuvenate and restructure your skin from within in Chester

Polynucleotides are an innovative and effective way to restore skin firmness and elasticity, and ensure healthy skin that is protected
against free radicals and cellular damage.
Redefine youthful radiance with advanced polynucleotides.


At JW Aesthetics we offer two premium brands of polynucleotides:

Ameela is an innovative injectable solution based on natural polymerized polynucleotides. It is a highly moisturising gel that restores skin firmness and elasticity whilst protecting against cellular damage. 

Philart Biostimulatory injectables – also known as skin booster – are injectable treatments aiming to improve the quality of the skin. Revitalising the skin, improving its appearance and texture

are all benefits of skin booster treatments giving you a natural glow and radiance. Biostimulators can also be used on areas other than the face, such as the neck, décolleté, hands, scalp or even the whole body.


What are the benefits of Polynucleotide treatment?

– Wrinkle Reduction: Significant decrease in wrinkles and fine lines.

– Skin Tone Improvement: Restores and enhances natural skin tone.

– Elasticity Restoration: Increases skin elasticity for a youthful appearance.

– Hydration Boost: Addresses dehydration, especially in the delicate periocular area.

– Minimal Downtime: Quick, non-invasive sessions with lasting results.

Polynucleotide Treatments

Ameela Eyes
Polymerised Polynucleotide Gel
Ameela Eyes represents a significant advancement in periocular treatment, offering a sophisticated alternative for healthcare professionals seeking to address common eye area concerns.

Ameela Eyes is specifically designed for the treatment of eyebags, periocular wrinkles, and for enhancing the structural integrity of the skin, offering a more youthful and revitalised appearance.

Revitalise Your Skin with Ameela Face
The Ultimate Polynucleotide Skin Booster
Ameela Face is the leading choice in advanced skin rejuvenation. Specifically designed to address concerns of dehydrated skin, loss of elasticity, and the need for effective contouring, Ameela Face stands out in the world of aesthetic treatments.

Ameela Rejuvenation is a cutting-edge treatment that harnesses the regenerative power of polynucleotides to restore skin's elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and improve overall skin health. This non-invasive treatment rejuvenates the skin on the face, neck, hair, and hands, offering a comprehensive solution to signs of aging.

PhilArt Hair is an innovative biostimulator from Croma-Pharma. The injectable gel consists of long-chain polynucleotides, which create an ideal environment for the production and growth of new collagen. This promotes hydration properties and helps to protect against free radical scavengers. The biostimulator aims to help improve patients’ hair quality.

PhilArt Eye is a new addition to the Croma Pharma portfolio. It is a biostimulator injectable treatment specifically designed for the eye contour/periorbital area. Its purpose is to reduce fine, superficial wrinkles and crow’s feet, as well as to help treat eyebrow ptosis and drooping of the upper eyelids.

PhilArt is an innovative bio-stimulator from Croma-Pharma. The injectable gel consists of polynucleotides, tiny molecules whose stimulatory effects help naturally promote skin rejuvenation, improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles in the treated areas including face, neck & décolletage


Polynucleotide treatment involves a sequence of pin prick injections into the facial areas normally over 2-3 sessions about 2-3 weeks apart. In some areas we use a cannula which reduce the risk of any bruising.
Topical numbing cream will be applied before treatment.
It only takes about 10-15 minutes for the actual injections.

You may have tiny blebs just visible, which is where the product has been left on your skin. This will dissipate over a few hours but can take longer in some patients.

Avoid any other facial treatments for 72 hours
Avoid touching or washing your face for 4 hours
Avoid make-up for 12 hours

We advise ensuring you take this treatment 3 weeks before any events you have planned.

Both premium brands we offer for Polynucleotide treatment offer fantastic results. At your consultation prior to any treatment your nurse prescriber will asses your concern and advise which product is most suited to you. You can also advise our Nurse's if you have a preferred option.

We recommend 2- 3 sessions per treatment area (face, neck, eyes, Decolletage) and for thinner skin 3 sessions is advised, each spaced 3 weeks apart.

The first signs of improvement often begin around 7-10 days after your first treatment, with the full effects visible at around 3-4 weeks. This is when we recommend your second, and subsequent treatments to take place. By doing so, we maintain continued, active stimulation of fibroblast production, maximising short and long-term results.

Polynucleotides differ from other, hyaluronic-based skin boosters and dermal fillers. Rather than giving skin a surge in collagen and elastin, or ‘plumping’ the skin with carefully placed temporary products, polynucleotides are catalysts in the regeneration of fibroblasts – the main cells within the skin’s structure. The product itself is absorbed by the body fairly rapidly, having activated new cell production. Additional sessions are advised from 6-9 months after completing your course.

The DNA used originates from salmon as it is incredibly similar to ours. But rest assured; we are referring only to fractions of DNA. After the highly specialised clinical filtration and ultra-purification process, there is no ‘matter’ remaining.

Polynucleotides can complement various aesthetic treatments like microneedling, medical grade skincare, or dermal fillers. Combining them enhances results and can address different aspects of skin rejuvenation. They work synergistically, amplifying benefits and often leading to more comprehensive and noticeable improvements in skin texture.

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