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Safe and effective in-office treatments designed to help stabilise skin functions and support healthy skin renewal.

Treatments are suitable for every skin colour, type and condition and will boost and enhance overall program results. Designed to improve and correct a wide range of skin disorders, each treatment helps achieve a specific skincare goal for every patient’s skin condition, lifestyle and skin health objectives.

We do suggest a decision is made on consultation with our skin care specialist as to which peel is right for you as not all peels can be used without correct at home preparation of the skin.



The perfect lunchtime peel for all skin types designed to improve the overall skin tone and texture with no downtime. Utilises a combination of alpha-hydroxy acids (citric, glycolic and lactic) to provide epidermal exfoliation and renewal.

Indicated for: All skin types
Approximate Time: 30 minutes
Optimum Results: Once a week for a month
Maintenance: Every 4–6 weeks

A gentle hydrating cleanser is used to remove any make up.
A Micro-exfoliation is used to remove surface debris.
Prepping of the skin with a peel prep and the Stimulator Peel is applied to the skin.
The peel is neutralised after 2 minutes.
Your therapist will perform a facial massage
An aloe hydration mask will be applied to the skin.
To finish the treatment hydrators and sun protection is applied.

You will notice results straight away and skin will be fresher, glowing and with an improvement in texture and tone. We recommend a course of treatments for optimum results. We do recommend a course for 3-6 every 4 weeks apart.

Unlike some stronger chemical peels during which you may feel discomfort, the Stimulator Peel is not painful and does not involve any downtime. You may experience a mild warming sensation briefly whilst the peel is applied.


BRIGHTENING-Indicated for:Hyperpigmentation
ACNE+OIL CONTROL-Indicated for: Acne, oily rosacea
ANTI-AGEING-Strengthen skin structure integrity to support the visible improvement
in skin elasticity and firmness
REDNESS-Dry, dehydrated skin Weak skin
ULTRA HYDRATION- Red, sensitised skin

Approximate Time:50 minutes
Optimum Results: Once a week for a month
Maintenance: Every 4–6 weeks

The treatment includes:
A moisture-rich cleanser is used to remove make up
Mild exfoliation is used to remove surface debris.
Prepping of the skin with a peel prep and the STI ULATOR PEEL is applied to the skin.
The peel will then be neutralised, and your therapist will perform a facial massage.
A masque is applied to hydrate the skin.
To finish the treatment, antioxidants, co-enzymes and sun protection is applied to inhibit melanin production and stimulate the growth of healthy cells.

JWA Advanced Medical Facial

Targeting individual skin type using ZO Medical products for Anti ageing, Rosacea + Redness, Acne + Oil control, Pigmentation + skin brightening & Ultra Hydration for sensitive skin.

JWA Advanced Medical facial includes Stimulator Peel, facial massage & masque + award winning DERMALUX LED Phototherapy treatment


A no-downtime, resurfacing treatment for all skin types, even sensitive and weak skin. This treatment provides gentle exfoliation that immediately revives dull-looking skin, replenishes skin moisture and minimizes the appearance of discoloration, thus promoting a more even skin tone.
Indicated for Suitable for: All skin types, especially weak, sensitive skin 50 minutes
Approximate Time: Once a week for a month
Optimum Results Maintenance Every 4–6 weeks

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