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Face Shape Modification: Before & After


When you’re thinking about having a cosmetic procedure like face shape modification, it is likely that you’ll have lots of questions. Our main goal is to support you through the process and ensure that you’re totally comfortable with the work and thrilled with the outcome. To give you an idea of what to expect, here is a before and after case study from one of our beautiful patients.

Before & After: Full Face Shape Modification

Firstly, let us address the desired outcomes that our patient had going into the procedure.

She wanted her face to be thinner (more in line with her slim body)
She wanted shadowing reduced
Taking a round face shape into a heart shape
She wanted to achieve more balanced proportions

Whilst all the time making sure she doesn’t look like she’s ever had the needle.

The days of treating individual areas of the face have been over now for some time. Instead, we must look at the face as a whole. These are some of the considerations when working with patients.

Face shape: is it round, square, heart, too thin, too fat, too wide, too long?
Emotional attributes: are they worried about looking tired, sad, angry, saggy?
Light and shade: is the problem shadows and disruptions of light, uneven skin tone?
Skin: are there concerns with pigment, texture, acne, wrinkles?
Animation: is the patient’s face too animated, too frozen, asymmetrical?

And most importantly, what really bothers our patient?

During a consultation we take all these things into consideration and educate or patients. We discuss what’s possible, what takes priority, what treatments are required, the costs, time frame and recovery. Then we can make a treatment plan together.

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