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ZO Skin Health Results: Before & After


We often have patients with skincare concerns getting in touch and asking what they can expect from our product regimens. Our approach to your skin is completely personal, so every result is different, but as an idea, we thought it would help to show you a ZO Skin Health results before and after case study.

Patient Concerns

This patient suffered with redness and her skin was sensitised from using multiple ranges and products on her skin. Everything she had used was from over-the-counter or off-the-shelf skincare ranges.

The Advice

The advice came from skin expert Louise who said: ‘Let’s get back to basics!’ The ‘Fundamental 5’ from ZO Skin Health can’t be beaten! The patient was advised to follow a strict ‘normalising programme’, with easy to follow instructions.

The Results: ZO Skin Health Results Before & After

After six weeks, the patient has healthier skin, redness reduction, de-sensitisation and a stronger skin barrier. She has followed her instructions and we kept in touch throughout. Results like this make the process so enjoyable!

We will keep up the good work as we roll into her next stage of the programme!

Good skin takes time, but it pays off when using Medical grade ZO Skin Health. 

Thank you so much to our patient for sharing these images, head over to our Instagram to see more stories, and let’s hope we can change more patients skin concerns from this experience.

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