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ZO Skin Health Skin Normalising Kit


So many people who don’t usually suffer from breakouts or flare-ups have been having skin issues recently. This can be caused by a number of things, but changed in lifestyle under the current coronavirus restrictions and mask wearing are two key factors, alongside the increased stress we are all under. Don’t suffer in silence! If you’re looking for professional skincare help in Chester, we are here to help. The first step in your journey should be skin normalising…

ZO Skin Health Skin Normalising Kit

Because we work with ZO Skin Health products that can only be prescribed through professional clinics, we know that you’ll see marked improvements under our regimes. If your skin has been triggered recently with flare-ups, breakouts and sensitivity, this is a good place to start. Following a full consultation with our experts, you may be prescribed the ZO Skin Health Normalising Kit, which can soothe the skin through therapeutic products specifically designed to reduce sensitivity.

Inflammation is one of the biggest signs that something isn’t right with your skin, and this regime from ZO can help to reduce inflammation and minimise the appearance of flare-ups, which is a great first step on your journey to healthy skin!

Once your skin is in a better place, we will be able to recommend a consistent regime of hero products to suit your main skin goals and concerns. This will range from the perfect cleanser for your skin type to exciting technology like the Zo Skin Health Growth Factor Serum.

Want to learn more? Check out our ZO Skin Health before and after case study.

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