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Do I Need Numbing Cream For All Filler Treatments?


If you’re having fillers treatments for the first time it is likely that you’ll have a lot of questions. One of the most common questions we get asked is about pain and numbing cream. So, if you’re wondering ‘do I need numbing cream for all filler treatments?’, the simple answer is no! But let us tell you a little more.

Numbing cream and filler treatments

While numbing cream is not necessary for filler treatments, we always speak to your patients to find the best way to make them more comfortable and ensure their treatments are pain-free.

We offer numbing cream for all treatments but usually it’s lip treatments that it is most commonly used for, as this area is more vascular so the cream will minimise any discomfort. Most of the filler products we use in procedures contain lidocaine so once the injection site has product applied the lidocaine will start to numb the area meaning your procedure is more comfortable.

How will it work?

We ask patients to attend their appointments 15 minutes before the scheduled time to give sufficient time for the cream to be applied and start working. If you feel that your pain threshold is low we will be more than happy to apply numbing cream to all areas due to be treated, again by allowing 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Please feel free to ask us as many questions as you like in your consultation calls to ensure you are completely comfortable.

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