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How Often Can I Have Injectables?


We receive plenty of questions about injectables, surrounding not only the process itself but the recommended frequency of treatments. So, if you’ve been wondering ‘how often can I have injectables’, we have the answer for you here.

Injectables: How Often?

The simple answer to this question is: ‘Not as often as you might like!’

Each injectable product has its own longevity, but as a guide we suggest toxins are no sooner than every 12 weeks and fillers are annual. Toxins are classified as localised injections to relax muscles such as Botox, while fillers are substances injected beneath the surface of the skin.

There is an exception to the above, however. You may find filler treatment visits might be more regular if multiple areas are being treated, although each area will only be treated on average once to twice a year. Of course, we work individually with every client to work out the exact services and timescale to produce the best possible results.

Of course, you’re bound to have plenty more questions when it comes to potential treatments, especially if you haven’t had or considered anything similar before. Don’t worry, we’ll have the answers to these too.

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Want to know more? All of this is explained during a thorough consultation with Nurse Jane when she discusses your treatment plan.

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