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ZO Skin Health Brightalive: Retinol Alternative


Anti-ageing is one of the main skin concerns for many of our clients. But the impact of some of the most common anti-ageing ingredients can be a worry. In sunny spells, many people worry about using Retinols (although we know you’re remembering your sunscreen!). But what is an alternative? Let us introduce you to ZO Skin Health Brightalive.

ZO Skin Health Brightalive

Brightalive’s skin brightening complex is formulated to purge visible discolouration. It is a non-retinol skin brightener, which is scientifically formulated to even out skin tones and reduce dark spots and other signs of sun damage. It also helps to restore hydration, while calming and soothing irritated skin.

How Does It Work?

It contains a skin brightening complex to help block the appearance of pigmentation, making it particularly effective to use in sunny weather. It also contains papain to provide enzymatic exfoliation to brighten skin, and glycerin to replenish hydration and restore the skin’s barrier. In addition is contains calming ingredients such as rosemary leaf extract to soothe irritation. It can be used daily on clean, dry skin. What’s more, it’s also available as a starter kit in travel size so it’s ideal for taking with you on holiday.

Medical grade ZO Skin Health skincare products can only be purchased after a skin consultation with qualified ZO experts. So book in with us today! Price available on consultation.

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