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What To Eat For Healthier Skin


As if you needed another reason to stay healthy with the new ‘Better Health’ campaign from the government… Healthy skin is always in! Whenever our clients come to us looking for better skin, we go so much further than providing a product regime. We advise our patients to introduce anti-ageing behaviours in all areas of life.

Anti-Ageing Skin Foods

As well as advising on the absolute best medical grade ZO Skin Health skincare regime for your skin type, we’ll also offer lifestyle advise on how to optimise the positive results you’ll achieve using your new products. This includes switching up your diet to optimise your healthy glow. So many people think that drinking enough water is the only element to healthy skin, but your skin is the biggest organ in your body: you need to nourish it! Here are some foods to try:

Vitamin C

Antioxidants are key when it comes to anti-ageing, and vitamin C is the secret in getting enough. It also helps to boost collagen production to help skin looking younger for longer, so try adding red peppers and blueberries into your diet, as the nutrients found in both will also help to repair damage to skin cells.


Omega-3 is absolutely essential to your diet, and its anti-inflammatory properties are key to preventing premature ageing. Healthy fats such and omega-3s found in foods such as salmon help your skin to maintain its oil barrier for a healthy complexion, too.

Vitamin A

As well as being a good source of fatty acids for skin health and anti-inflammatory benefits, avocados contain vitamin A, which helps your skin to shed dead cells and give you a healthy glow. Give these skin-boosting foods a go, and cut down on alcohol, processed foods and sugar and you’ll soon notice the benefits.

Check out the NHS advise on eating well.

Medical grade skin care can only be purchased after a skin consultation with qualified ZO skin expert. Price available on consultation.

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