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How will appointments work post-lockdown?


We are all facing changes as we emerge from ‘lockdown’. The ‘new normal’ many of us are facing could be a little daunting and we would like to make you feel comfortable about the changes we have implemented for your safety as well as of the staff of Jane Wilson Aesthetics.

Please note that the full policy for post-lockdown visits can be emailed to you. ‘What is expected of you’ is also emailed to you on completion of your booking, online or via the booking line.

Here are some of the post-lockdown guidelines:

All appointments will be by prior arrangement and booking only. Please wait in your car until Jane collects you when the room is prepared for your treatment.

Attend your appointment unaccompanied. Upon arrival, you must use the hand sanitiser provided and apply the face mask also provided upon entry to the clinic.  

All treatments will now be carried out in the room you enter from the clinic front door (this was the reception/waiting room). The furniture has been removed and all furnishing to allow adequate ‘clean down’ after each patient.

No make-up should be worn, or you will be refused treatment.

Please limit the personal possessions you bring with you. The clinic may reserve the right to prevent personal items entering the treatment room, leave them securely in your car and bring your payment method only with you unless you have made payment before your appointment, we will be accepting contactless payment.

All patients will be given a sanitised iPad to update their details and complete the ‘Covid-19 consent form’.

If Covid-19 symptoms occur after appointment visit, please use the emergency contact number for Jane Wilson to inform as soon as possible.

Failure to comply with the protocol set out by JW Aesthetics will result in appointment cancellation and no further treatment or bookings available at JW Aesthetics.

There will be no cancellation fee at this time for patient who cancel with suspected Covid-19 symptoms.

We aim to re-open on the 4 July, and if another ‘lockdown’ is enforced we will contact you to reschedule. Follow us on Instagram for more updates.

We really hope this helps & answers some questions for many of you.

Stay Safe & Aware!

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