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Getting Skin Ready: The Importance Of Skin Prep


A lot of people say to us: “I have my own cleanser; I’ll just take the retinol.” But our reply? “I wouldn’t waste your money.” And this is why: skin prep is just as important as the treatments themselves. Allow us to explain…

The Importance Of Skin Prep

The first 3 steps of every ZO Programme/Protocol is ‘GSR’. GSR (Getting Skin Ready) is an essential ZO principle for both daily maintenance and preparing skin for therapeutic medical treatment. It ensures the skin functions properly, tolerating all daily exposure and activities. In addition, it prevents and controls acne, rosacea, shaving bumps, skin pigmentation problems, enlarged pores and skin texture that is rough and damaged.


The GSR Getting Skin Ready system will optimise the effectiveness of your ZO treatment programme. Comprised of cleansing, scrubbing, and control for dry skin and oily skin. This system helps eliminate skin sensitivity, restore hydration, enhance skin health and minimise treatment complications. The product penetration and safe delivery of active ingredients is increased once preparation using GSR is used.

After knowing this would you really just take the retinol?

For best results, your skin prep is every bit as important as your treatment products. Trust us and believe in us, we have thousands of patients who have come through skin complaints and are now enjoying disease free healthy skin.

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