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Did you know?


Gentle reminder for all our patients to ensure you get the best out of your injectable treatment…

Helpful Pre-Treatment advice:

No consumption of alcohol 24 hours before (this will also help to reduce bruising)

No exercise/sauna/sunbed on the day of treatment

Stop taking any blood thinning medication 5 days prior to treatment e.g. ibuprofen, aspirin, multi vitamins (medical or homeopathic)

However, Arnica tablets can be taken to reduce the risk of bruising (start taking 2-3 days before appointment

For treatment around the mouth/lip area please ensure there are no present cold sore

If you are being treated with fillers, we ask that you remove make up before arrival or use the facilities we provide to remove them when you arrive (arrive 5 minutes early if you would like to remove make up)

Helpful Post Treatment advice:

All the above ‘Pre-Treatment advice’ is relevant for 24 hours after treatment unless otherwise stated,

Avoid lying flat for 4 hours

Strictly no make up for 12 hours

No hot yoga

Do not fly long haul for 48hours

We will ask you several medical questions before your appointment to ensure you are eligible for treatment but if you have any concerns our team is on hand to answer your questions.