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The Obagi Blue Radiance peel is a non-invasive, gentle chemical facial peel.

All peels use an acid-base to remove the top layer of skin thereby encouraging cell renewal for fresher, younger looking skin.

A one off peel can be done or a course of six treatments. Obagi blue peel radiance is a gentle but effective way of getting skin in tip-top shape for that special occasion, after the skin-damaging effects of a holiday in the sun or as a monthly skin maintenance. It improves the general texture and tone of skin and able to help with photo damage, acne scarring, and signs of sun damage.


Your face will be cleansed of all make-up and the therapist will apply a protective barrier gel to the most sensitive parts of your face such as the corners of your mouth and eyes. The area is then cleaned over with a peel prep solution and the Obagi blue peel radiance is applied to the area.
There is an intense feeling of heat and itchiness for about 30 seconds to a minute after the acid solution is applied. It does pass and is not painful. The peel is left on the skin for 6-7 minutes and a second layer is applied if needed.
The area is cleansed once more to remove the peel and a Obagi Hydrate and SPF is applied to the area for protection.

This treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.

There is hardly any downtime. Skin feels a little tight and some areas more sensitive can become a little reddened for a up to a day. If you do experience localised reddening, then this patch of skin will become a little flaky.

The treatment isn't recommended to be done before going away on a sun holiday. However, you can be treated 2 weeks after you return.


This is a non-invasive facial treatment to brighten and freshen up the skin in as little as 20 minutes.

This treatment is the perfect lunchtime facial or to brighten the skin before that night out.


The skin is cleansed using the Obagi foaming cleanser to remove make-up this is then followed by the Obagi toner this helps provide a deeper cleanser.

After the skin is cleaned Exfoderm is applied to the skin this helps removed the dead skin cells and brighten the skin whilst improving the texture of the skin.

The Obagi Hydrate is then applied to infuse the skin with hydration this is then followed by an SPF to protect the skin. Fabulous skin in 20 minutes!

There is no down time with this treatment the skin may appear slightly red after treatment however this will disappear within an hour or so.

This treatment is perfect for anyone wanting glowing skin in as little as 20 minutes.

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“Jane listened to my concerns and gave me some exceptional advice based on looking at my face as a whole rather than individual areas. Her expertise is second to none and I am so confident in her skills that I have booked my treatment already and I can’t wait!”



“Superb, professional service by Jane and all the staff. I felt completely comfortable and trusting of Jane. I will recommend her to everyone.”



“Superb, professional service by Jane and all the staff. I felt completely comfortable and trusting of Jane. I will recommend her to everyone.”