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#FILTERDROP: Do Filters Drive Unrealistic Expectations?


Are social media filters driving unrealistic expectations with dermal fillers? We’ve seen more and more young patients looking to get facial aesthetic treatments over recent years, and lockdown seems to have intensified the increase. But what is driving the rise? Are social media filters to blame? And if so, what can we do about it?


Makeup Artist and model Sasha Louise Pallari launched her #FILTERDROP campaign this summer to encourage people to stop using so many filters on their photos shared across social media platforms. Speaking in a post on her Instagram account she said:

“People should look at photos and see real textures and see more flaws… That’s going to make them feel good.

“We can’t even tell the difference between what is a filter and what isn’t a filter. We can’t bear to look at ourselves without a tiny nose, or giant lips.”

I completely agree with what Sasha is saying here. As the founder of JW Aesthetics I’ve spent years working with the aim of making women and men feel more confident about themselves with small tweaks and best skincare practices. But in recent years it feels as though the goal posts are being moved beyond what is ‘normal’ or ‘natural’. People used to want to prevent premature ageing or conform to ‘ideals’ set by the media. This media is now largely driven by social media, where filtered images completely distort features, so people are starting to lose sight of normality.

This is starting younger and younger, particularly with girls. From the many chats I’ve had with my patients who have daughters, they too have identified a significant problem in self-esteem, which in extreme cases has resulted in heart breaking comments such as ‘I hate myself’, ‘I’m ugly’, and even not wanting to even leave the house. Daughters as young as 11 years old hating their young childish features and applying contouring makeup to give definition like their idols in their 20s and 30s. 

My job is to manage patient expectations and to try and make myself and my patient aware of the motivations around the decision to seek out facial aesthetics treatments. We have a duty of care to ensure that our patients are not making decisions based on deceitful images or unattainable ideals.

Because of this, it is important to treat all our patients in a holistic way and educate them on what should and shouldn’t, can and can’t be enhanced based on proportions, symmetry, and the ‘golden ratio’. We also talk to all our patients about the importance of retaining original features and ensuring everyone doesn’t look the same.

There’s nothing beautiful about losing what makes you uniquely you.

Well done Sasha for launching the #FILTERDROP campaign!

I’m dedicated to helping men and women feel confident and empowered about themselves in the real world so they don’t have to hide behind filters, but also to ensuring that they aren’t making decisions that will impact negatively on their future or that go in line with a trend rather than as a steppingstone on their journey to personal happiness. 

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